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About Us


In 1869, Edmond Addé, recognised by the France agricultural sector with a title of “Knight of the field”, succeeded Château Preuillac. From Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon to Semillon and Muscat grapes, Edmond Addé works on the selection of premium grapes varieties and development of the vineyard. As of 1879, the winery has won a number of different medals and awards.


Château Preuillac earned well-deserved recognition in 1932 when it is included in the Crus Bourgeois classification created that year.

Château Preuillac which was already a 30 hectares estate, was taken over by Raymond Bouët, who initiated a major overhaul of the estate’s vineyards, construction of a winery and an underground cellar that go into service in 1975. The underground cellar covering 200m² hence became a unique structure in the Médoc appellation.

Construction was completed in 1980, adopting the 18th Century style.

The Mau and Dirkzwager families successfully bought over the estate in 1998.

Major renovation works were undertaken throughout the winery and the vineyard which led to a boost for Château Preuillac to shine and excel towards a further goal.


Meet The Team


Nathalie Billard

Technical Director Of Château Preuillac

A Master of wine with at least 20 years of winemaking experience in different countries and appellations, including California, South of France, Bordeaux etc. Here in Château Preuillac, Nathalie plans and organizes the work of the team, be it at the vineyard or in the cellar. She also works very closely with all of the subcontractors and consultants.

Nathalie aims to crafting wines that are delicate and with elegance but still showing aspects of fruit concentration and its terroir. Above all, it is also important for her in maintaining balance of the wines. This truly reflects her meticulous attention to details and her dedication in winemaking.


Claude &
Lydia Bourguignon


Claude Bourguignon has spent years serving as a soil consultant for many top wineries in Burgundy, and founded Laboratoire d’Analyses Microbiologiques des Sols (LAMS) in 1990 with his wife, Lydia Bourguignon. This independent laboratory has since become the most authoritative research institution on protection of soil health and research.

Claude and Lydia conducted a series of comprehensive analysis on the soil composition throughout the vineyards of Château Preuillac and they were further convinced that this land is gifted with immensely impossible potential. With their tailored vineyard farming and soil management systems for Château Preuillac, each piece of land can be used to its fullest potential, thus allowing all its wines to bring out the unique charm of their terroir.


Stéphane Derenoncourt

The Derenoncourt Consultants

Key person Stéphane Derenoncourt, is a well known French self-educated vigneron who works as a consultant for numerous estates in Bordeaux and other wine producers worldwide. He established his consultancy company in 1999.

In Château Preuillac, the role of renowned Derenoncourt Consultants is to optimise the vine plots, to create a stylish product with distinct character and the potential to improve with age. Through the excellence and recognitions from international wine competitions, results made the commercialization effortless whilst the wines retain their unique distinctions and remain true to their origins.

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