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Our history

Founded in 1869 by Edmond Addé, Knight of Agricultural Merit, the estate quickly gained recognition for the quality of its wines. Successes began to accumulate as early as 1879 with awards in Paris, followed by Bordeaux in 1882. Preuillac wines also made their mark internationally with distinctions in Antwerp in 1885 and in Liège in 1906.

In 1922, Edmond Addé handed over the reins to Théodore Crozat, who further solidified the estate's reputation. By 1932, Preuillac wines achieved the prestigious recognition of Cru Bourgeois du Médoc, right from the inception of this classification.


In the early 1970s, under the leadership of Raymond Boüet, the château entered a period of renewal. Ignoring its viticultural past, Boüet rediscovered the potential of the estate, initiated by Edmond Addé in 1869. Following Boüet, in 1984, his family took over until 1998, when the estate was acquired by the Mau and Dirkzwager families.


Under the direction of Jean-Christophe Mau, significant renovations were undertaken, with the assistance of Stéphane Derenoncourt. In 2014, the estate was sold to the company SAS Vin Plus, which has maintained the continuity of the work, benefiting from the expertise of Derenoncourt Consultants.

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The team of Château Preuillac

Nathalie Billard

Technical Director of Château Preuillac

With over 20 years of experience in France and abroad, Nathalie Billard has been shaping the identity of Château Preuillac since 2008. From the vineyard to the cellar, Nathalie crafts delicate and elegant wines that capture the essence of each terroir, highlighting the purity of the fruits and the authenticity of the vineyard. She pays particular attention to maintaining the perfect balance in each cuvée, a result of her unwavering dedication to the art of winemaking. Working closely with Cassandre Erhard, Technical Assistant, they form a dynamic team, guiding Château Preuillac to new heights of quality and excellence.

Claude et Lydia Bourguignon


Claude Bourguignon has spent years serving as a soil consultant for many top wineries in Burgundy, and founded Laboratoire d’Analyses Microbiologiques des Sols (LAMS) in 1990 with his wife, Lydia Bourguignon. This independent laboratory has since become the most authoritative research institution on protection of soil health and research.


Claude and Lydia conducted a series of comprehensive analysis on the soil composition throughout the vineyards of Château Preuillac and they were further convinced that this land is gifted with immensely impossible potential. With their tailored vineyard farming and soil management systems for Château Preuillac, each piece of land can be used to its fullest potential, thus allowing all its wines to bring out the unique charm of their terroir.

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Stéphane Derenoncourt

Derenoncourt Consultants

Key person Stéphane Derenoncourt, is a well known French self-educated vigneron who works as a consultant for numerous estates in Bordeaux and other wine producers worldwide. He established his consultancy company in 1999.

In Château Preuillac, the role of renowned Derenoncourt Consultants is to optimise the vine plots, to create a stylish product with distinct character and the potential to improve with age. Through the excellence and recognitions from international wine competitions, results made the commercialization effortless whilst the wines retain their unique distinctions and remain true to their origins.

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