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The Harvest

The harvest begins with the picking of the Merlot, followed by the Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and finally the Petit Verdot. Once the harvest date is determined, the grapes are exclusively handpicked.


The bunches are then transported to the grape reception area where they undergo sorting to keep only the finest grapes. We employ the gravity-flow method to preserve the berry quality from the vineyard to the vat. At no point are the berries subjected to pumping or crushing, ensuring the quality of the harvest.


By opting for gravity-flow, we preserve the delicacy of the grapes, minimize the risk of oxidation, and encourage a gentler fermentation. This method reflects our commitment to producing superior quality wine, preserving the unique characteristics of the fruit to deliver an exceptional tasting experience.

The Wodden Vats


The grape berries are received using vats before being delicately transferred into each tank. Château Preuillac has oak wood tanks with temperature control. Once alcoholic fermentation is initiated, pump-overs are conducted daily to extract phenolic compounds from the grape skins.


Temperature control is crucial, monitored twice daily during alcoholic fermentation, which typically lasts from ten to twelve days. Subsequently, the temperature is maintained between 26 and 28°C for maceration, a phase lasting an average of 21 days. At the end of maceration, the batches are removed from the tanks before being transferred to barrels for the aging phase.

Oak barrel

The aging process 

Château Preuillac boasts two barrel cellars with a total capacity of 300 barrels, meticulously arranged on a single level.


Each year, 60 to 70% of our production rests in French oak barrels for a period of 12 months. We closely collaborate with various coopers to determine the most suitable toasting methods, benefiting from customized toasting options perfectly tailored to the wines of Château Preuillac.


We prefer a fine wood grain to achieve supple tannins and meticulously calibrated toasting that preserves the fruity aromas of the wine.


The Tasting Room

A new tasting room has been created and designed to conclude visits and offer visitors a unique experience during tastings. This space, adjacent to the cellars, accommodates both individuals and professionals, providing an optimal environment for wine tasting.

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