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Harvest done “100% exclusively by hands” in order to compose the best wine possible, well balanced, harmonious, allowing the fruit to express itself to the fullest. The decision for harvest is made through many analyses but mostly by tasting, and according to the weather forecast.


Wines are usually stored in wooden wine vats for 3 weeks of fermentation. Every year, 1/3 of the wine production will go into new oak barrels for 12-18 months of aging. Also, by tasting the different batches of wine, we then decide what we use for aging the wines: new oak, used barrel, vat, according to the typicity of the wine.


After one and a half year, the wines age and become more complex and elegant. During this period, we have to add wine regularly to compensate evaporation (6-8%) through the wood, this is known as the “angel’s share”.


Château Preuillac takes into careful consideration for every stage of process as every decision determines the outcome.


Château Preuillac wines are rich and expressive, yet well-structured with a beautiful aromatic richness: red berries and cedar that allows it to age and develop in the bottle.

The Wodden Vats

The Wooden Vats

Wooden vats are used in Château Preuillac. Wooden vats can bring some tertiary aromas to the wines, especially when they are new. For vinification, the wood brings more fruity flavours to the wines. For aging, these vats offer a better quality, it allow a micro-oxygenation to the wines, which is favourable. With this process, the tannins are structurally transformed which providing more power and roundness to the wines.

Wooden vats were used in the past for making wine. Hence, here in Château Preuillac, it is also a way to respect such a tradition, which is very important in winemaking.

Oak barrel

Oak Barrels

The grade of the barrels is very important as it affects the wine quality. French oak is best known for its quality, it influences the wine’s flavour and aromatic components. With the knowledge of French barrel producers, they study and understand how different types of wood can impart different qualities.

In Château Preuillac, fine grain of wood is selected, because it imparts soft tannins. They are medium toasted to respect the fruity aromas of wine.


The Tasting Room

A new tasting room has been created and arranged to close the visits and accompany the visitors in a last sensory and gustatory experience that will reinforce the discourse of the visit.

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